How to Become a Freelancer

Independent experts are people who have freelance hours and generally work with companies or institutions for a fixed period. Those who complete the project given by the institutions with their own working order, instead of working in a certain time intervals every day, are those who work as independent experts. In general, they can work in their own homes, but they can also carry their business to the places they have gone.

What Does Freelancer Mean?

Independent experts are people who have freelance hours and generally work with companies or institutions for a fixed period of time. Those who complete the project given by the institutions with their own working order, instead of working at certain hours every day within an order, are those who work as independent experts. In general, they can work in their own homes as well as carry their business to the places they have gone.

Who Can Be a Freelancer?

In general, people who have expertise on computers that can meet the needs of legal entities or institutions become independent experts. If you want to be an independent professional, you should acquire new generation competencies and skills, and gain in-depth competence in areas such as technology, digital, human resources, marketing, finance and sales. Thanks to these competencies, you will be able to work for institutions or individuals and get jobs as an independent expert.

How to Become a Freelancer

Freelancing (working as an independent expert) is one of the rising business models of recent times. If you are wondering how to become a freelancer (how to become an independent expert), you should pay attention to a few points in our article. These issues are related to your expertise. We list a few for you:

  • Own a Niche :

To work as a freelancer, you must have a niche. Those who work as freelancers not only have freelance working hours, but also have expertise in a subject. For example, if you are going to work as a copywriter, you should take a niche in this subject and become professional on the subject by taking trainings.

  • Clarify Your Service:

Clarify the scope of work you will do in your profile. This will find a much more positive response both for you and for the institutions. Because the institutions will know what you can do and will offer an offer accordingly. In this way, you will not spoil your own niche by taking on jobs that you cannot do.

  • Offer a Quality Portfolio :

By adding your previous works to your portfolio, let them have an idea about you and promote your work history. In this way, you will be evaluated on the basis of the work you have done and you will increase your preference for the project to be done. Remember, a quality portfolio is the best identification that defines the independent professional. You should equip this identity with the best works that introduce you.

  • Keep Your Expertise Strong :

By keeping your expertise strong, you can demand higher wages from institutions. Those who offer quality work experience always earn higher wages. This is why low-paid workers do not work in high-budget jobs. Institutions may prefer independent experts who are specialized and experienced in their own field to those who do not yet have experience for the project they will commission. Even if there are lower prices in this preference option, the important thing is always the quality of the project. For this reason, you should keep your expertise strong and continue to improve yourself by acquiring new expertise.

  • Improve Your Language :

The languages ​​you will learn will give you the opportunity to work with many more people. For this reason, you should always pay attention to improving your language and acquiring new languages. In addition, this situation will both increase your personal development and enable you to get jobs in different currencies except Turkish currency and increase your income.


What are the Additional Benefits and Disadvantages of Freelancing?

  • Additional Benefits


Choose Your Own Client:

Thanks to this freedom, you can be much more selective in the terms of the service user. You can reject incoming clients and only work with those within your own standards.

Set Your Multiplicity of Work:

Freelancing allows people to determine their own workload. When they think they are busy, they do not accept job offers and continue at the welfare work level. In this way, they are not crushed under intense working hours.

Flexible Working Model:

With their flexible working model, they work in the time zones they want. During the day, they can continue their work, sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. The important thing is to complete the job given by the person providing the service.

Free Workspace:

Freelancers do not stay in an office during certain hours. They can work in the field they want to work in, whether in nature or in a welfare home environment.

Savings Provided:

Freelancing allows individuals to determine their own earnings. You can take jobs that meet your earning conditions and reject the rest.


  • Disadvantages

Taxes Charged:

The state is taxed in all areas. You have to pay these taxes in order to work as a freelancer. As a result of the right research, you can have better information about these tax obligations.

Social Rights:

It is not possible to benefit from conditions such as insurance. However, if you pay your own insurance, you can benefit. Freelancers cannot benefit from most of the social rights.

Projects Can Be Ended:

The projects you have received may be terminated early and you may have problems with payment. Such problems often occur to those who work as independent experts. You should establish a proper communication with the companies working with you. If you intend to do this business for a long time, it will be beneficial for you to establish a sole proprietorship. Because thanks to this, you will now be able to issue invoices and work with companies in a more professional way. In addition, your accounting, etc. There are next-generation platforms that help in business and provide convenience about your responsibilities. Platforms that serve in this holistic way can be a very good alternative for you.

Accounting Responsibility:

For certain payments, you need to keep a transaction on paper. Paying in tax brackets etc. Topics like this are one of them. In addition, the works you have done may reach budgets that you cannot calculate after a while. In such cases, you can work with new generation platforms in order not to be forced and to calculate correctly. Accounting etc. Companies that help you in matters and have a holistic service will greatly underestimate this burden on you.

No Payment Issue:

Companies that purchase services sometimes do not pay. Even if you deliver the projects, you may not receive the fee. You should be careful and cautious about this. Platforms such as Workflex are among the platforms that ensure a healthy payment between independent experts and companies. It will be beneficial for you to consider such issues while making your choice.


How to Earn Money as a Freelancer

If you want to make money as a freelancer, you need to specialize in your chosen niche. After this specialization, job offers will be made to you and you will complete a job for a certain period of time. After these works you have done to other people or institutions, the money you have agreed will be deposited into your account.

Best Freelancer Sites

There are many freelancer sites with different additional benefits and disadvantages. There are foreign freelancer sites abroad as well as domestic sites in our country. Thanks to these sites, you can earn dollar-based money and provide yourself a nice budget.


Upwork is an independent expert application serving 180 countries in total. Through this platform, you can work with foreign service purchases and get paid in dollars.


Fiverr is a global application that has been serving those who want to work freelance for 22 years. You can become a service user by creating your own portfolio.


Workflex is a domestic B2B service platform. Thanks to the flexible working model, you can work at the hour intervals you want and receive your payments safely. You can register free of charge to the independent expert Workflex platform with your email and password, enter your details and expectations, and start working when the institution matches you. In addition, you can benefit from additional benefits offered to those who register with Workflex.