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As Zeynep Bilgiç Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi (“Company”), in order to improve your experience during your visits to our online channels, website navigation and click information, internet access logs, entry and exit logs, cookie usage information, Internet protocol (IP) We benefit from statistics regarding address, device ID, web page views, mobile and other digital applications.

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”); The principles regarding the use of cookies about the website ("Website") operated by and owned by the Company and Workflex/Due to the fact that the Website is operated by us as a data controller as a company; It contains our statements and explanations regarding the purpose of data processing.

Click the link for the Personal Data Protection Policy and Clarification Text.

The use of cookies by the Company is carried out in accordance with the legislation we are subject to, especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("KVKK")..

As a company, we can stop using the cookies we use on the Website, change their types or functions, or add new cookies to our site. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the provisions of the Clarification Text on the Website at any time. Any changes made on the Current Clarification Text will become effective when they are published on the Website or any public media. You can find the last update date at the beginning of the text.

1. Processed Data with the express consent of the data owner and without express consent in the cases stipulated in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law. has the right to process sensitive data.

In this context, in accordance with the terms and conditions presented in the Enlightenment Text, the Company provides the following types of Cookies and the "Personal Data Protection Policy" in the Personal Data Protection Text Data” can be processed.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small text files created on your device by a website and contain data in name-value format. It stores your usage habits and preferences on the browser while you use any website. Cookies are used to save time and provide a better internet experience. Cookies created by a website are stored by the web browser you use to access the site, and remote access to the information contained in the cookies is only possible by the websites served under the domain name that created the cookie and if you use the same browser.

Cookies have become an important part of web technologies today and their basic functions are; It is the recognition of the device by remembering the visitor and his preferences. Almost every website uses cookies.

3. Types of Cookies Used on Our Site

Cookies are files created by websites you visit. There are two types of cookies: (i) First-party cookies: Created by the site you are visiting. The site is shown in the address bar. (ii) Third-party cookies: Created by other sites. These sites have some of the content you see on the web page you visit, such as advertisements or images.

4. Purposes of Processing Personal Data by the Company

As a company, we use cookies for various purposes on the website and process your personal data through these cookies. These purposes are mainly:

  • Improving the Website and providing new features on the Website and customizing the features offered according to your preferences
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the various features and functions of the Website
  • Collecting non-personal, general information about how the Website is used by our visitors, such as the most clicked links, the most visited pages, the number of error messages viewed, and analyzing this information to make the wrong pages work, to improve our website, remove or improve undesirable pages.
  • To determine how you are aware of the Website,
  • Creating traffic statistics,
  • Providing opportunities for products and services specific to you such as Internet advertising, Targeting and re-targeting (targeting and retargeting), cross-selling, campaign, opportunity and product/service advertisements, and making suggestions by considering your preferences.

Cookies are not used for purposes other than those specified in this Policy, and all relevant transactions are carried out in accordance with data protection legislation.

 5. Types of Cookies

Session Cookies Session cookies are cookies that are valid during your use of the website and remain valid until the web browser is closed.
Persistent Cookies Persistent cookies are used to remember your preferences on the website and remain on your desktop or mobile device even after you close your browser or restart your computer.
Mandatory Cookies
Functional and Analytical Cookies Cookies that contain data about how you use the site and are used for purposes such as remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimizing the site to respond to your requests. Due to their nature, these types of cookies may contain your personal data. For example, cookies that save your site's display language preference are functional cookies.
Tracking Cookies Tracking cookies are primary and third-party cookies created during your visit to our website and third-party domains. These cookies make it possible to track your click and visit history in the domains where they were created, and to match these records between different domains. These types of cookies are used for the purpose of recognizing and profiling users, targeting advertising and marketing activities and customizing the content. These cookies will not be used to identify you or make personal decisions.
Targeting and Advertising Cookies We use cookies to promote products and services to you on our site or in channels other than our site. In addition, we may cooperate with some of our business partners to advertise and promote you within or outside of our site. For example, cookies can be used to track whether you click on an ad you see on our site, and if you benefit from the service on the site to which that ad is directed after the ad has attracted your attention.
Performance and Analytics Cookies With these cookies, we can improve the services we provide to you by analyzing your use and performance of our site. These are cookies that collect information about the frequency of visiting the pages, possible error messages, the total time spent by the users on the relevant page, and their usage habits, and are used to increase the performance of the website.
Social Media Cookies These cookies allow the collection of information about your social media usage. For example, cookies can be used to use the information of your Facebook/Twitter accounts to create personalized advertisements or conduct market research.

6. Cookie Management

Most browsers allow you to view, manage, delete and block cookies on websites. If you clear all cookies, you will lose any preferences you have set. This includes not keeping cookies because for this feature to work, your device must have a cookie set for it.

Additional to these as an option, most browsers allow you to do the following;

  • View and delete saved cookies
  • Block all cookies
  • Block cookies from certain sites
  • Delete all cookies when you close your browser
  • Block third-party cookies

You have the opportunity to customize your preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of your browser. For more information, you can visit the links in the table below:

Adobe Analytics privacy/opt-out.html
AOL https: //
Google Adwords answer/2662922?hl=en
Google Analytics< /td>
Google Chrome http://
Internet Explorer https: //
Mozilla Firefox kb/Cookies
Opera /security/privacy/
Safari locale=en_EN

7. Cookie Notice

It is a warning that will appear before those who enter the website for the first time, and it aims to guide and inform the user to the Cookie Policy.

8. More Information About Cookies and Our Cookie Policy

For those who want to get more detailed information about cookies, we recommend that you visit If you would like more information about our cookie policy, you can contact us via the "Contact" page or via

The date this policy was last updated: 01.02.2021