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Technology Services
Technology Services

Workflex is the right address for self-employed employees to showcase their talents while responding to the technology services needs of corporations.

It is now much easier to keep up with the developments of the age with Technology Services! Workflex; Thanks to the network of relationships it has established between institutions and independent employees, it manages to take mutual gain to a whole new level! You can also be an independent employee who wants to market their skills in technology or a company that wants to make up for its shortcomings in the field of technology. By applying to the right service, you will be able to reach quality results!


What is Technology Services?

Technological transformation, which is the biggest innovation of the age, is changing the lives of many brands and individuals. It is considered a privilege to use the advantageous aspects of technology needed in every field from social life to the business world. However, while many brands cannot keep up with technology, too many professionals manage to keep up with technology with their own skills. It is possible with technology services to open the door to changes in many areas such as software, hardware, application development and data analysis in the field of technology.

Workflex succeeds in bringing professionals together with brands/businesses that desire technological transformation. In this way, it is possible to integrate the services offered in the field of technology in a higher quality and faster way!


Why is Technology Services Specialization Necessary?

Technology is a field that is changing day by day due to its dynamic nature. Professional support of brands that want to keep up with this field does not only improve their internal organizational standards. At the same time, it allows not to fall behind the times in the fight against opponents. For many businesses/brands, the difficulties of staying away from technology raise the issue of sustainability. However, the opportunities obtained through Technology Services are very serious.

With Firms Technology Services;

  • Performs business processes more efficiently,
  • Doesn't lag behind in competition with competitors, even gets ahead,
  • Management becomes easier in marketing and sales processes,
  • The existence of a sustainable business environment is ensured,
  • It is possible to take clearer and more concrete steps while planning the future,
  • With the decrease in personnel costs, it becomes easier to raise funds for technology investments.
  • For a sustainable, profitable and high quality business structure, it is necessary to choose an independent 'Technology Services' employee.


Which Companies Should Get Technology Services?

Receiving freelance services is very special for companies that want to reach many solutions, especially software, hardware, application development and data analysis! While it is possible to get fast and quality service by reducing personnel costs, you can also have the chance to work with the best in the field. Many professionals who provide technology services prefer to provide freelance services instead of working in a company.

With Workflex, companies not only receive quality service in the field of technology, but also respond to expectations in terms of sustainability by choosing the most ideal solutions.


Ideal Solutions in Technology Services with Workflex

Workflex, acting with the approach of being a strong bridge between independent employees and companies, supports integration with technological changes. In this context, it brings together independent employees, who make a difference with their hardware, software and application development skills, with companies that want to work with the best in their field. Thus, a two-way gain is obtained.

While the companies do not have to go through the recruitment processes for a temporary service, it is possible to reach the best in terms of cost, service quality and duration. The choice of Workflex draws attention in order to reach a solution without any hesitation about the preferred service for institutions that aim for success. Thanks to the best freelancers in the industry, the processes are much more different and efficient than the solutions to be realized by hiring a staff!


How long can your business stay out of this new world order when the whole world is just a click away? It is necessary to use special solutions in order to obtain optimum working order and maximum profit in your business and even in your daily life. For this, your path must go through the software.

Software developers, with the definition of TDK, after determining the needs of individuals or institutions in this complex world order, create a specific roadmap and implement the software program.

How can a software developer make things that seem so difficult easier, and fully illuminate our world? Deciding on the software language, creating its components, design process, testing and finishing touches. The software developer is actually your painter, he draws how you describe it. Therefore, it is very important to convey the needs exactly.

What Does a Software Developer Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Software Development Specialists produce digital products that will make our daily life easier with the codes they create using various software languages. The main things that these professionals should do are as follows:

  • Creating a work plan with the institution in line with the needs of the software-related brand,
  • Determine the system requirements for the software,
  • Creating a need map for the visuals that may be required in the process,
  • Writing the necessary codes for the product to come to life and successfully completing the testing process for it to work properly
  • Assisting in the preparation of product training documentation so that the end user can make maximum use of the product.


What Does Hardware Expert Mean?

Hardware Specialist is responsible for the design, development and testing of computer components, especially processors, memory cards and circuit boards, which are necessary for the computer to run smoothly and with optimum efficiency.

What Does a Hardware Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The most important responsibilities of the Hardware Specialist:

  • Testing completed computer hardware.
  • Testing the manufactured hardware product to work properly with the system and making changes to work in a possible negative situation.
  • Determine the power supply requirements for the hardware to operate.
  • Analyzing the needs of individuals or institutions and recommending products accordingly.
  • Updating hardware to work with newly released software features.
  • Providing technical support to all departments (marketing, sales, engineering, etc.) within the organization during the product development and implementation process.

What are the Qualifications a Hardware Specialist Should Have?

In Software Engineering, one of the most important professions of the new world, analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to design new information technologies and mathematical intelligence come to the fore. Apart from these abilities, of course, teamwork and prototyping skills are essential.

What Does Mobile App Developer Mean?

Mobile application developers are people who prepare software and applications that will make our lives easier on subjects such as health, entertainment and business world through mobile devices, which are indispensable in our daily life.

What Does a Mobile Application Developer Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Mobile application developer can work within the company or individually without the dependence of time and place. It manages the testing process of the applications it has developed, and resolves the errors that prevent it from working. After the application is presented to the users, the updates to be made depending on the needs are also among the responsibility issues. People who want to be a mobile application developer should follow the developments in the sector they serve, especially in software and informatics. These professionals also;

  • Designing software products and systems in line with targets
  • Proposing the most efficient and least costly solution for the developed program,
  • Developing methods to validate data
  • To act in cooperation with the IT personnel by determining the technical features of the new application,
  • Following technological developments closely,
  • It has main duties such as preparing detailed documentation for users.

What Training Should You Take to Become a Mobile Application Developer?

In addition to the software engineering department, which has been one of the favorite departments of university candidates in recent years, private education institutions are also an important resource for people who want to become mobile application developers. Having command of operating systems and knowing more than one software language are among the basic features of being a mobile application developer.

What Does a Data Analyst Mean?

Data analysts gather the data of all departments of the company together and try to extract meaningful information from this data. Infos and graphics created from this data serve as the basis for the company's next period strategies.

What Does a Data Analyst Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Data analysts play a key role in companies to reduce costs, increase sales and profitability, in short, to maximize efficiency. The main duties of these people who save the company from complex processes by using business intelligence tools are as follows;

  • Category and analyze data suitable for customers' problems and needs
  • Working in line with the demands of the brand representatives
  • Preparing and presenting reports on the data in hand
  • Increasing efficiency and profitability by improving existing business models
  • Managing the design and design process

What Does a Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialist Mean?

The person who protects the digital information system of the company he/she serves is called Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialist. Experts in this field can work in the private sector and government institutions. Due to the development of cyber attacks, digital vulnerabilities and computer systems day by day, there is a high need for qualified personnel who constantly update themselves in this sector.

What Does a Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Due to the increasing threats and attacks in the digital world, the security of personal data has become as important as institutions. Other main duties of Network and Social Security Specialist are as follows:

  • Developing and analyzing digital security algorithms
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in the digital network systems of the companies or people they serve and creating protection plans against them.
  • Minimizing losses against possible cyber attacks
  • Creating software that will show the highest performance against cyber attack attacks

What It Takes to Become a Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialist

We can also call a "white hat hacker" for a Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialist. People who have knowledge about Linux, Phyton, TCP/IP as well as the ability to constantly update and analyze are candidates for Network and Cyber ​​Security Expertise. Graduates of the IT department of technical and vocational high schools gain priority when entering the university according to the quota (MTOK). People who do not receive technical training can also obtain the necessary certificate to practice this profession, thanks to the information provided by private education institutions.

What Training Is Required to Become a Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialist?

For Network and Cyber ​​Security Specialization, training should be taken in subjects such as software engineering, mathematics, data analysis, computer technologies, especially computers. In addition, the following training and certifications are required:

  • Database Management,
  • Software Development,
  • Computer Support Specialization and Information Systems
  • EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH),