Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services

Workflex is the right address for independent employees to showcase their talents while responding to the digital services needs of corporations.

Do you want to make your presence felt in the digital world? Thanks to Digital Services, you can come to the fore in subjects you are not an expert in and benefit from a success-oriented approach. In this area, successful independent employees who decipher the codes of the digital world and institutions that want to receive service come together. Thanks to Workflex, two-sided gains emerge and it is possible to receive the highest quality services in the digital field!


What is Digital Services?

Each development in the digital world takes the service standards of institutions one step further and brings a quality-oriented approach. In this context, the ideal way for an institution to grow and be successful in the digital field is to fulfill the requirements of the digital world. Workflex enables every institution that wants to grow in digital to meet with professionals in accordance with their demands. Moreover, this meeting is a quality and success-oriented solution rather than a classical service procurement process.

Workflex, which succeeds in bringing the standards to ideal levels, responds to your needs in the digital world thanks to its different service approaches. Prefer privileged services with Workflex, which is the primary way for an institution to be successful!


Why is Digital Services Necessary?

Digital world has dynamic features and shows continuous improvement. For this reason, it emphasizes the desire of institutions to reach higher quality service continuously. In this context, although an institution's digital service process may differ, the goal is always to achieve better. In this context, brands that take action to achieve the following goals allow for more successful results!

  • You can benefit from marketing approaches with a quality approach in the field of digital marketing.
  • By catching the advantage of e-commerce, you can sell goods and services to wider audiences.
  • You will have the chance to catch the advantages of reaching the consumer with the highest quality approaches in product management.
  • With design studies, you can reach solutions that will make your brand different from others.
  • You will be able to achieve maximum performance in favor of quality by responding to all other needs in the digital world.

Workflex provides more successful completion of digital services by acting as a bridge between independent professionals and institutions. In this context, it is possible for institutions to obtain the solutions they want with this method, in cases where they cannot complete them within their own structure and cannot achieve the desired result.


Which Companies Buy Digital Services?

Considering that maintaining a presence in the digital world is a necessity today, it is not surprising that institutions resort to digital services. The goal of everyone who wants to appeal to the consumer is to reach the maximum number of customers by applying digital services.

Digital services are a necessity for any institution that wants to make more sales in the field of e-commerce, wants to maximize its success by using digital marketing tools, and aims to reach a quality-oriented solution. In this framework, the only thing that needs to be done is to meet the digital service approach with maximum quality.

Worklfex cooperation will be an ideal solution for brands that carry the benefits of digitalization to higher quality levels with the support of independent employees! All you need to do for a fast, reliable and quality approach is to apply for the right service!


Quality Focused Solutions with Workflex

Workflex brings together the professionals who will respond to the needs of the companies, rather than directly meeting the needs of the companies. It is possible to both find a job and have an existing job completed by professionals with a solution that enables almost everyone who acts in accordance with the independent working culture to communicate with powerful institutions.

If you are a manager who wants your institution to perform more successfully, or if you are an independent employee who aims to serve institutions, be ready to apply for Workflex privileges!

What Does a Digital Marketing Officer Mean?

The marketing activity of a product or service that is made by utilizing today's technological opportunities is called digital marketing. Internet and social media are the leading digital marketing instruments. The digital marketing officer who will deal with these works is the person who aims to introduce the products and services of the institution to the internet user. Considering the corporate culture and target audience metrics, it designs and implements plans to increase the sales of the products and services it is responsible for.


What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

 In order to increase the awareness of the institution in the digital world, the digital marketing officer must fulfill his duties precisely. The main characteristics expected from the individuals who will take this responsibility are as follows:

  • Identifying social media platforms suitable for the positioning of the brand and using these platforms effectively
  • To increase the digital reputation and brand value of the brand/institution by communicating seamlessly with its followers and potential customers
  • Managing the digital marketing cycle regarding existing products and services
  • Creating and implementing marketing strategies in line with the budget.


Who Can Become a Digital Marketing Officer?

  • Those who want to be the digital admiral of an institution
  • Content creators or those who work to produce original texts
  • Those who own their own brand or want to add value to their company
  • Those who know and serve the world of e-commerce


What Training Is Required to Become a Digital Marketing Officer?

Today, digital marketing training can be obtained from many private education institutions, universities and various government institutions. In addition to training on internet advertising models, digital marketing metrics, and customer interaction, he also receives training on influencing customers, search engine optimization, and increasing brand value. Those who successfully complete this program are entitled to practice the profession with the certificate they receive.

What is E-Commerce Expert?

E-commerce specialist, through digital marketplace portals; It is responsible for increasing the awareness of the products and services offered by the brand, marketing, sales and stock control.


What Does an E-Commerce Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The most important task of the e-commerce specialist is to measure daily website and marketplace traffic and analyze sales data over these. Other actions that should be taken in order to better fulfill this task are as follows;

  • Preparation of the roadmap of all communication and marketing activities regarding the products and services for which it is responsible
  • Creating software systems within the framework of the law for the corporate stance and commercial goals of the company that wants to take place in digital marketplaces
  • Following trends and developing marketing strategies according to new digital trends
  • Pre-plan the annual marketing budget and develop strategies that can achieve maximum interaction with minimum cost
  • To analyze data about users and the market, to offer improvements according to the market situation
  • Following closely the system updates on the website and marketplace
  • Analyzing and closely following competitors' market plans
  • Creating and implementing the necessary roadmap to appear in the top rankings by making search engine optimizations
  • Following and implementing trends and new rules on social media


How to Become an E-Commerce Expert?

To be a sought-after e-commerce expert in the industry, it is necessary to have market research, product lifecycle, marketing, sales, digital advertising, content writing, analytical thinking skills.


Required Qualities of an E-Commerce Specialist

E-commerce expert; The company must have a good command of sales, marketing, advertising and customer relations metrics. We can list the other qualities sought in people who will work in this position under the following headings:

  • Creating and implementing a roadmap for brands and products
  • To take an active role in teamwork
  • To master the digital communication process and language
  • Being open to change
  • To exhibit detailed and regular work performance in order to obtain a highly productive result
  • To have efficiency-oriented working skills

What Does a Product Manager / Director Mean?

Product manager/director; It is the person who manages the product life cycle process from the idea stage to the end of the after-sales service process of a product in the company he works for or gives consultancy.


What Does a Product Manager / Director Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The product manager is responsible for maintaining the life cycle of the products under his responsibility in accordance with the predetermined company targets, and is also responsible for the following duties.

  • To work for the maximum benefit of both the company and the consumer from the products or product groups for which it is responsible.
  • Working to keep the product in the forefront against equivalent products,
  • Following the market and competitor products.
  • Developing strategies to get more sales and profits from products.
  • To find the right market and the right target audience for the products and to work according to the segments of the products.
  • Following the innovations in the market and product range, identifying potential crises and creating an opportunity map for them.
  • Developing and implementing cost-reducing proposals in order to increase profitability.
  • Following the operation process and looking for solutions to the problems that may occur,
  • Keeping the customer, personnel and product relationship in balance.
  • To take an active role in product and service launches, to give satisfactory answers to questions that may be asked.

What Does a Design Specialist Mean?

Design Specialist; It is the person who makes and designs the raw material, color and visual arrangements of a product that is produced by itself or its equivalent.


What Does a Design Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Design experts who bring the products demanded by the industry and brands to life graphically and visually, are also responsible for the issues listed below;

  • Do research on the usage areas of the products that will go to the production line,
  • Developing designs by creating digital and manual drawings,
  • Research for raw materials so that the final version of the products for which it is responsible can be used more effectively,
  • To do market and cost research of the product to be created,
  • Analyzing customer needs in the domestic and foreign market for the product,
  • Following the product for which the test version is designed, to the last stage,
  • Inspecting the technical personnel who will be in the production line,
  • To provide consultancy services to those who will market and buy the product,


How to Become a Design Specialist

To be a Design Specialist, education can be obtained from private education institutions as well as the departments of "Industrial Product Design" and "Industrial Design" given at universities. In these programs, the most important features of a product's life cycle, such as raw materials, usefulness and aesthetics, are given detailed information. In the first half of the education process, there are basic courses such as mathematics and physics, and in the second half, courses such as materials, statics, art history and finance.