What is Workflex Plus? Who Can Enjoy These Additional Benefits?

With WF+ (which is implemented for the first time in Turkey), those who work in the independent expert model, independent consultants, trainers, software developers, digital marketing experts, agile project managers… and many more do not worry about additional benefits in the fields they wish for independent workers. If you don't want to miss out on unique opportunities by taking advantage of these additional benefits, register now!

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Discover WF+ Benefits

Howden Collaboration

We brought health to our independent experts registered with Workflex!

Thanks to the first and only Workflex cooperation in Turkey, you will now be able to get the most advantageous private group health insurance* suitable for you!

You can have a premium discount of up to 70%.

With the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for you, your spouse and even your children from 3 different plans that you can determine according to your needs, you can have private health insurance and benefit from 9 installments on your credit card.

The minimum number of people for group health insurance is 50.

Howden Collaboration

Work in a Specially Designed Environment at Workinton!

In the co-working areas of Workinton, the Country of Good Employees, 2 days are free for your first use in order to be able to focus and work more efficiently!


In these environments, where you can not only work efficiently but also relax and network with professionals from various sectors, every detail has been considered so that you can focus on your work! You can benefit from this privilege, which is defined exclusively for those who register with Workflex, with a 10% discount at Workinton offices!

Work in a Specially Designed Environment at Workinton!

Finance Platform Tailored to Your Business

With Norma, the finance platform for all entrepreneurs who own their own business, you can open your free corporate account immediately, make money transfers and collections, manage pre-accounting services such as invoicing, expense management and income-expense tracking integrated with your account transactions, company establishment consultancy, e-transformation You can benefit from professional services such as financial consultancy and financial consultancy.

Exclusive to Workflex users, 3-month free service advantage in annual payment and the privilege of 100 credits instead of 50 credits per month.

Finance Platform Tailored to Your Business

Great People to Work With

To take advantage of Workflex Plus, you just need to register in the system. If you haven't already, you can register for free right now until the end of the year.